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WypasOTS 2k16 - START 11.11.2016 16:20!
:: wots.pl :: WypasOTS - most unique server worldwide!

During the best times of Wypas OTS we had a little over one thousand players playing in two worlds - Avlara and Loara.
As you know the game called Tibia is not as popular as before.
Despite this, we would like to introduce you to a new server with the same map (of course map is updated) on a newer protocol 9.6 and of course a custom client.
Server would be maintained in a RPG climate, with really low exp and loot ratios,
so getting high level or looting better items will be a real challenge.

START 11.11.2016 16:20

[9.63] anti-bot + spell system 8.6
Host/IP: wots.pl
Forum: Forum :: wots.pl
Facebook: Facebook :: wots.pl
Guilds: 8 level, supporter account
Houses: 30 level, supporter account
Map: Custom map, developed since 2007 year
Shared Exp Bonus: 130% with 4 people in a party with shared exp enabled (vocation does not matter)

Exp: x3.5
Skills: x6
Magic: x3
Loot: x1

PvP, Frags, Skulls:
PvP: 2 level
Guild wars: 8 level
White skull & PZ lock (red swords) time: 15 minutes
Frag time: 12 hours
Red skull time: Amount of frags multiplied by 12 hours

(fe. 4 frags = 48 hours)
Black skull time: Amount of frags multiplied by 12 hours
Frags to get red skull: 4
Frags to get black skull: 6

Supporter account:
You don't need this feature at all, game is 100% free to play.
For all of the spells, supporter account is not necessary, except for party buff spells.
Special benefits for supporters:
*Promotion possible to buy at lvl 20:
- loss after death reduced by 10%,
- faster health and mana regeneration,
- offline training,
- party buff spells (other for every profession),
*Possibility to buy a house,
*Unique outfit,
*Unique mount,
*More space in VIP list,
*You can create your own Live Channel and chat with spectators,
*Possibility to create a guild,
*Auto kick time increased (from 15 to 25 minutes),
*Longer sessions in training room (from 15 to 25 minutes).

Most important informations:
* Custom client with auto update application will be required to play,
* System Live - possibility to spectate players,
* System Records - you can record your gameplay without any other applications,
*WypasDiscord server - unlimited slots for users,
* IRC integration - you don't need to login anymore to chat with your friends. Now you can do it on our website,
* Unique items - available only on our server,
* Quests- known from Tibia - Annihilator, Pits of Inferno and own, like Four Elements, Forgotten Titans Quest and Vampire Quest,
* System referrals - collect points by inviting your friends,
*System bounty - Did someone kill you? Put a bounty on his head!
*Loss calculator,
* City guardians - PK or even the monsters will not feel safe in the city,
* Map - Custom, very extensive, detailed and free of bugs,
* Auction system,
* The advanced system of unique achievements,
* Custom raids and bosses,
* Weather effects - rain and snow, that's what you can spot there,
*Fist fighting - bored of fighting with sword, axe or hammer? Wear two daggers and become a ninja!

System Castle War:

Every week our system is going to check which guild is currently dominating the server. Dominating guild will be getting a Guild House in Theramore Isle.
If owner of GH after one week is still the same (the same guild is still the strongest) all of the items are still in same position. If GH owner is going to change - all of them are going to the leader of guild deposit.
Okay, but what do you get from GH?
Answer is simple - benefits!
*Good strategic point- much of high-level respawns are located in Theramore Isle, also two boss raids - Ferumbras and Orshabaal,
*Trainers and depot inside!
*NPCs also can be spotted inside, they can provide us with cheaper potions or runes!
In addition, the strongest guild gets 15% of each transaction from NPCs in Theramore Isle (not counting those in GH).



Most of the areas on our map were created by our mappers, unfortunately not all of them- because as you know, or not, to create at least one piece of a 25x25 map with details and without any mistakes, takes a lot of time. If you want to see our own piece of map, just look at Valiance Keep and the surrounding area, or Darnassus, and even on a small island, which is "mini Zao" for Rookstayers near Ebon Hold (rookgaard). Also maps for quests were made ourselves, like Four Elements, the most Demon Oak (in our case it's not just chopping a tree with an axe).

Our administration has been divided so that everyone of us has an individual role.
Of course, the highest in the hierarchy is our beloved Administrator:
, co-author of TheForgottenServer and lots of scripts that are used every day in the world of Open Tibia.
One rank below are scripters and mappers, people who deal with the server in the technical area. Product Development: with that rank on the server you can meet nice people with nicknames Isey Banah Macko and also known from in Polish Tibia community - Arkam.
Then, lower in the administrative hierarchy are Community Managers:
- Shia -
She is the head of tutors team and public channels: Help Chat and Trade
- Scorp - a man with really strong nerves, loving players, he is responsible for ingame content , summarizing - got banned? Message to him!
- Wilku - a nice guy who kinda makes players' time better, creating and doing events .
At the very bottom of the support list you can find Gamemasters .
Charizard and Lestat are mainly engaged in the enforcement of regulations and with the players in the game, but each of them is doing something special, for example testing, writing guides and writing news.
Contact staff is seamless, and if something happens when nobody from this list is not currently in the game and you really need special help - write a private message on our facebook fanpage, or use plug-ins Discord on the main website and join channel #help .

We have three kinds of events:
*Facebook events:
- "Like & Share",
- questions about server or it's history,
- writing stories,
- best ingame screenshots,
- Sniffer - In one, big room Wilku is making a lot of boxes, on almost every stack and also inside of them you can find items - crystals like small ruby or amethyst, equipment or addon items *depends on day and your luck,
- items hidden somewhere on the map.

And lots, lots more, which Mr. Wilku will invent!


Behemoth Quest:
Demon Oak:

Bosses and raids:

Guild Systems:

Custom spawns:

Unique monsters:


Task system (common NPC):

Chain tasks (reward after pass all of them):


There is one of the oldest movies from WypasOTS, unfortunately you can only watch it in polish language (might as well just enjoy the music)

Training system:

Guides are available on our forums, www.forum.wots.pl (Please remember that by registering on our website, your forum account is created automatically!).
If you have any questions feel free to ask there!​
Posted on: 2016-10-27 12:21:41, 736 views
Website and forum

All the old accounts have been deleted.
We encourage you to create a new account and also to visit our forums. We will post some topics there soon and we would be glad to see your opinion.

Please remember that by registering on our website your forums account is created automatically!

Posted on: 2016-10-18 15:00:45, 168 views